Medicare Dental Plans offer coverage that medicare doesn’t pay for. Also known as Dental Insurance.

Medicare Dental Plans

Choosing a Dental Plan can be confusing. We’ve worked to make it simple.

medicare dental plans

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There are several considerations that need to be made when evaluating medicare dental plans.
1.  Make sure that your dentists is contracted with the plan.
2.  Are there any waiting periods? 
3.  Is it a “discount plan” or is it true insurance?
4.  What is the annual maximum benefit?
5.  Is it considered an indemnity plan?   (Meaning you pay for services and the plan pays you directly)
6.  Is it a comprehensive plan that includes coverage for eyes and hearing?
Each one of these questions we can help answer.  Please give us a call to go over your specific needs.

Dental Plan Benefit Comparison

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