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Medicare Advantage Plans In Arizona provide an alternative to medicare supplements.

Mediccare Advantage Plans In Arizona

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Medicare Advantage Plans In Arizona Overview

Medicare Advantage Overview

Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona are offered by private Medicare-approved companies. When you join one of their plans, your Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (medical) insurance will be covered by them rather than your original Medicare. They’ll issue you a separate healthcare card and you’ll usually go to one of their doctors or medical centers.

These plans are sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C or MA plans and offer individuals HMO or PPO options on top of their Original Medicare coverage.

These plans must cover everything that Original Medicare covers except hospice care and clinical research. Those expenses would still be covered by Original Medicare even if you’re enrolled in any Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona.

medicare advantage plans arizona

Many plans offer extra coverage like hearing, dental and vision. Most include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D).

You might have to pay a monthly premium for your Arizona Medicare Advantage plan in addition to your Medicare Part B premium.

Companies offering Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona may have different rules for you to follow in order for them to manage their costs. Out-of-pocket expenses will vary so it’s important to compare plans before you enroll. Some companies have restrictions on seeing specialists without a referral or on going to doctors outside of their network.

Medicare Advantage Plan Benefit Comparison

Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona are helpful in reducing costs.

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